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Feline Lodging

Our kennel associates custom design your cats vacation. Caregivers provide individual attention to determine what makes your cat happy and comfortable.

PetAgree Cat Hotel features spacious accommodations for single or multiple feline families. Your cat(s) will relax with cozy beds, blankets to snuggle into, cat trees, fresh water, and customizable dining options.

Litter box is provided and sanitized daily.

All lodging guests must have veterinary proof of current vaccinations.

Cat accommodations are available at our Brownsburg location.

What to bring...

PetAgree provides all the amenities and all the fun!

We will provide your cat with the following at no additional charge:

Food and water bowls
Pillows and Blankets
Litter box and premium scooping litter
Iams© dry food (If you choose not to bring their own)


You may bring from home any of the following:

Medication (Oral / Topical)
Toys (limit 4 per kennel)
Small articles of bedding (no bigger than a towel)
Cat Carrier

All cats must be current on all vaccines including:

Rabies, FVRCP (5-way), and Feline Leukemia.

            *PetAgree must receive all vaccination records a minimum of   
             24 hours prior to lodging.

Feline Lodging Rates


$25/night for single cats


$25/night per cat for multiple cats boarding in SEPARATE kennels


$20/night per cat for multiple cats sharing ONE kennel

**Feline Lodging is only available in our Brownsburg location.**

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